New Cookies & More

Hi Friends!

I apologize (as usual) for taking so long to write again. The new store is taking so much of my spare time. Tons to do and think about. The displays (what kind?). The counter (what material?). The walls (what color?). The oven (how much?..No seriously..THAT MUCH??) Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled. It's fun to think about all of these minuscule details that will make our store comfy and chic. The perfect place to go when your sweet tooth begs you for a little sugar (or a lot like mine does). It's nice- even if we are sooo very far from that right now.

Planning for the store also gives me the perfect excuse to surf the net and shop online. lol. For example, on my search for pink & brown accent pieces, I found the cutest set of baby modern bedding.
It's like it was made for my company. Look at the lamp! Sigh. The color Pink and Chocolate - two of my favorite things. :)

I also found these amazing cake stands from Sarah's stands on Etsy.

I adore Etsy. You can find almost anything your little heart desires. And even if you don't find it, chances are someone can custom make it for you!

Sarah makes these in 70 colors! I love to think about the possible combinations. Red, green and white for Christmas...Orange, black and purple for Halloween...Burgundy, brown and mustard yellow for Thanksgiving. Well, you get the idea!

Last but never, ever least....cookie pics! My favorite orders of the last couple of weeks:

This simple airplane design was used to celebrate a little boy's second birthday.

Another simple design.  :)
And lastly, Iron Man. It took quite a bit of research and planning to decide how I would make these little guys. We had fun...some more than others....
I made M an extra of course..and while uploading the pics from the memory card...lol

Coming soon: Store Pics (and progress), Cookie Stenciling (a tutorial), Contest (yeay!..who doesn't love to win stuff??) and Halloween Cookies!!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week!!


A New Place??? (Not Again..) + Cookie Pics!

Halloooo! (in my best Julia Child voice)

I just realized it has been quite a long while since I posted any cookie pictures on the blog. Truth is, we haven't been super busy lately. The orders we do have are usually photo cookies and cookies that I have made a few gizillion times (yes, that is a real number - look it up)* There have been a few fun cookie orders, though, so those I am happy to share with you. :)

We've also been talking with a Realtor who has a 1,000 square foot store front very close to our house and in a pretty nice location. It used to be a take-out pizza place so it has a grease trap and all plumbing/electrical connections in place. The best part? We can actually AFFORD it. Woot! Woot! We're so excited because the commute to the North Miami kitchen has been killing us. Especially now that Alina has gone back to school, it's been tough to come up with a schedule that won't have us driving for 4 hours each day. I'm sure some of you can relate! Thankfully, we only made a 3 month lease on that kitchen space. Our biggest problem is that we need to HURRY because if we decide to move then we need to give our current place one month's notice. That gives us a whole 5 days to make a decision. I took some pics and will share them with you if we get a good counter-offer and decide to run with it! Our own store front...I have been dreaming about this for 8 years. Could it really happen? And so quickly?? Oooo...nervous tummy ache! Keep your fingers crossed for us, guys, please!

Now back to our regular scheduled programing of COOKIE PICS. Here we go!

 These pink bows were made for a bridal shower. Very girly and simple. My kinda cookie.

Ali and I love the book "Where The Wild Things Are" so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to reproduce Max as custom cookies for a special gift.

(I can tell M really likes the cookies when he puts a background on them before taking the photograph..hehe)
 Here is a closer look at a couple of Max's:
 And my favorite cookies of the past few weeks: Custom CookiePops for a Build-a-Bear Workshop birthday party. I want one of these as a real plush so I can squeeze it like crazy.

Well, that's it for now. I was thinking of making some traditional Peruvian & French dessert recipes to share with you. Suspiro a la limena, bavarois de lucuma, Mazamorra Morada and so many other delicious recipes from my childhood that are easy to make. From M's side there would be delicate French crepes, pastries and madelines. I was thinking of being borderline cheesy and calling it "Traditional Tuesdays."

Whacha guys think? Would you like to have more step-by-step recipes? Or just updates of cookies and other behind the scenes stuff?...lemme know! I didn't get any comments last couple of times so I'm afraid of boring you. :(

Happy Baking, Decorating and Labor Day Weekend!!!!

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