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Hi Everyone!

I'm back! Actually...we're back! From Chicago, that is. (OK so we came back more than 2 weeks ago but I can 'splain)

Oh, the truck? You mean the one from the last post? I really don't wanna write about it. But, I suppose I have to. Explain. All the frikkin crap that has unloaded upon us in the last few weeks. Must. Not. Lose. Hope.

:) <--- That little happy face is me trying my best to stay positive. It's been working for the most part.

Let us rewind a little to where I left you the last time. Oh yes, 52 deliveries and sleep deprivation. So we made all 52 deliveries in 2 exhausting days.

FYI - attempting to make 52 deliveries with 1 car and in 2 days is insane in the membrane. So leave it to your trusty UPS or FED-EX guy or, better yet, get a courier. Honestly, M and I almost killed each other.

It went a little like this:

M - "Honey, I think you passed it."
Me - "Nooo, I didn't. We're almost there!"
M - "You passed it. I saw the sign, just back up...there's no one back there and we still have around 23 more to go."
Me - "I hate backing up..I'll just do a little U..."


M - "Oh, great. Just BACK UP! They close at 6!
Me - "Backing up is ILLEGAL, I'm short and it sucks..I'll just go around this way..."
M - "They close at 6pm... we'll never make it.." (Hysteria setting in)

4 minutes later: 5:58PM

Me - "See? I didn't have to ba-..."

-Car door slams

There were also a lot of incorrect addresses, disconnected numbers and "out to lunch" signs (even at 2pm..gotta love Miamians). This meant tons of running around and redelivering later.

In short, if anyone asks to make more than 10 deliveries in one day remember this: You Will Regret Not Getting a Courier To Do Them For You.  Oh. And don't forget to get an UPDATED list from your customer. I can't stress this enough. Our list must have been from 1998 because out of 52 deliveries, there were more than 13 faulty addresses. We did call companies to verify but most of them had wrong numbers, too.

Lesson Learned: Delivery people are frikkin' amazing and we need to hire one PRONTO.

Next up: Our New Logo!! Pink Little Cake: I took your advice regarding the not enough pink. I totally thought so, too.

Here it is!

Do you see the pink in the hat? I know...it's not super pink. Maybe I should ask him to make the pink more pronounced. But, I've asked him to change the logo like 30 times. Hmm...what do you think? More Pink or leave it? We also changed the bottom to a cookie bite. It's going to be our new symbol. Nothing against cupcake-only shops but we're a cookie place...that just happens to sell bad@ss cupcakes, too. :)

Once our amazing website designer gets our homepage proof finished, I will share it with you to get some input. M and I have completely opposite views (he wants white, I want Pink - and on and on) so we need valuable feedback (that's where you come in and support me..hehe) :)

About our Chicago trip (we visited the highly coveted SPRINKLES bakery on opening day (pics to come!) And the truck (wiping a tear)...I promise I will blog about all of it soon. Stay tuned.

Happy Baking Friends!!

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