Ali's Goes Mobile...Woot Woot!!

Hi Friends!!

I have been anxiously awaiting to write this post!!! I can FINALLY tell you the little secret I have been hiding from pretty much everyone, except my closest family and friends.

Exactly two weeks ago I contacted a gentleman in Chicago regarding a mobile coffee truck he posted online. I had my eye on it since early June but never really imagined we would be able to find enough funds to purchase it. I spoke to my father asking him what he thought of my idea of selling cupcakes (I know, I know - we don't make cupcakes - but more on this later I promise!!) cookies & coffee in an adorable pimped out pink mobile. There's nothing like this in Miami (we're very far behind on the food truck trend) and seriously..who can deny a delicious cup of java & freshly baked doughnut muffin? Not me that's for sure!

To make a long story short (I'll spare you our personal nightmare of endless phone calls, permits, paperwork, financing and loans) - fast forward two weeks later and here I am - owner of a Dodge/Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500..(smiling like a proud mom)..Looksie!! I even have Pictures!!
Ain't she a cutie? It was love at first sight...

 That's where my boo-tay will be sitting for a few hours per day!

 She even has speakers so our customers can dance the day away, chocolate chip cookie in hand, of course.

3 sinks & one hand-washing station as required by FL law. Can't wait to disinfect everything and start selling!

She still needs to be fully wrapped..but we found the company who will be helping us with that. Now we're waiting for the website designer to send us our revised logo and the truck to be delivered next week..alll the way from Chicago.

It feels like a year that I have been in negotiations with the dealer with so many different obstacles being thrown my way, but I'm happy it is finally almost over.

Now that the cupcake is outta the bag, I can reveal what M and I have been doing the past 6 months. Eating. Like crazy. Stuffing our faces with cupcakes and lots of them! Almost every single day. I have gained roughly (and when I say roughly..I mean 15) 10 pounds since February. And you know what?? It was worth it. We now have 5 cupcake recipes that are Insanely Fantabulous. I know, only 5 recipes..in 6 months? Don't do the math..it's depressing! But out of 100+ recipes and variations of those recipes, we found a combination that made extremely tasty and moist cupcakes. Now besides baking and eating our own recipes, we bravely ventured into our own Miami version of Cupcake Wars. This one had 8 competitors..and only 2 made it to our final round. We do have a favorite cupcake bakery here in Miami but we knew we had to make it better. WAY better.

Mission accomplished but not exactly finished...now we need to come up with the other 30 flavors I have in mind!

As soon as the truck finishes getting its final touches, we're hoping to satisfy Miami's sweet tooth with our newest treats! Are ya ready Miami???

Stay tuned..I will post again very soon with more updates and pictures!!


LadybugLuggage said...


Happy sweet cupcake miles ;)

Andrea B said...

Thank you! :)

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