Always Expect the Unexpected...

Hi Everyone!

It's been 4 days since my last post, the one where I wrote I would be receiving the CCC mobile (I refuse to call it cupcake mobile since cookies are my first love) this week. Well, as most business owners know, the only thing predictable about owning a company is its unpredictability. That can be a great thing at times...or not. This week was actually a bit of both.

The great news: we received a 600+ cookie order from a large company. Yeay! The not so great news: They only gave us 3 days to complete it. There is nothing like 2 months of slow business and a drawer full of bills to give you that extra boost of energy to take on anything...no matter how insane. Truth be told, M and I haven't slept since Sunday (I think...what day are we again??). It's pretty sad when the only thing you desperately look forward to in your day is to go to bed as early as possible. On the bright side, it is crazy how much you can accomplish when you remove pesky sleep from your schedule! (kidding..I'm so frikkin kidding..but I must stay positive!)

However, the really annoying news of the week goes to (drum roll, if you please).dodododododdodo: The dealership in Chicago for telling us that we didn't have to go all the way to the windy city to sign papers..when in fact, we do. Lovely!

So, I ended up calling the inspector and cancelling the truck inspection for this week and also trying to figure out how the heck to go over there without spending a fortune on last minute plane tix. Do we wait for cheaper tickets and prolong the inspection..truck wrapping and grand opening or do we splurge and get the truck here sooner? We've even considered driving the darn thing down here ourselves to save on the shipping. I'm not sure what we'll do yet. M and I still have 52 local deliveries to deal with tomorrow so we'll have plenty of time in the car to come up with a solution.

PS. If you know any good bakeries in Chicago, please let me know! :) 

And in happier (less cranky/sleepy) news: The designer sent us our new logo!
I would really appreciate some feedback if you have a minute. We can still make changes to it and are open to some heavy criticism!

All of you have been so supportive of our little cookie company. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :)


Ali's Goes Mobile...Woot Woot!!

Hi Friends!!

I have been anxiously awaiting to write this post!!! I can FINALLY tell you the little secret I have been hiding from pretty much everyone, except my closest family and friends.

Exactly two weeks ago I contacted a gentleman in Chicago regarding a mobile coffee truck he posted online. I had my eye on it since early June but never really imagined we would be able to find enough funds to purchase it. I spoke to my father asking him what he thought of my idea of selling cupcakes (I know, I know - we don't make cupcakes - but more on this later I promise!!) cookies & coffee in an adorable pimped out pink mobile. There's nothing like this in Miami (we're very far behind on the food truck trend) and seriously..who can deny a delicious cup of java & freshly baked doughnut muffin? Not me that's for sure!

To make a long story short (I'll spare you our personal nightmare of endless phone calls, permits, paperwork, financing and loans) - fast forward two weeks later and here I am - owner of a Dodge/Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500..(smiling like a proud mom)..Looksie!! I even have Pictures!!
Ain't she a cutie? It was love at first sight...

 That's where my boo-tay will be sitting for a few hours per day!

 She even has speakers so our customers can dance the day away, chocolate chip cookie in hand, of course.

3 sinks & one hand-washing station as required by FL law. Can't wait to disinfect everything and start selling!

She still needs to be fully wrapped..but we found the company who will be helping us with that. Now we're waiting for the website designer to send us our revised logo and the truck to be delivered next week..alll the way from Chicago.

It feels like a year that I have been in negotiations with the dealer with so many different obstacles being thrown my way, but I'm happy it is finally almost over.

Now that the cupcake is outta the bag, I can reveal what M and I have been doing the past 6 months. Eating. Like crazy. Stuffing our faces with cupcakes and lots of them! Almost every single day. I have gained roughly (and when I say roughly..I mean 15) 10 pounds since February. And you know what?? It was worth it. We now have 5 cupcake recipes that are Insanely Fantabulous. I know, only 5 recipes..in 6 months? Don't do the math..it's depressing! But out of 100+ recipes and variations of those recipes, we found a combination that made extremely tasty and moist cupcakes. Now besides baking and eating our own recipes, we bravely ventured into our own Miami version of Cupcake Wars. This one had 8 competitors..and only 2 made it to our final round. We do have a favorite cupcake bakery here in Miami but we knew we had to make it better. WAY better.

Mission accomplished but not exactly finished...now we need to come up with the other 30 flavors I have in mind!

As soon as the truck finishes getting its final touches, we're hoping to satisfy Miami's sweet tooth with our newest treats! Are ya ready Miami???

Stay tuned..I will post again very soon with more updates and pictures!!


Hi Friends!

This week literally flew by..so much to do and think about! Expanding our company in this economy feels so risky and yet so right at the same time. How can that be? I have no clue. I'm just running on pure adrenaline and my instincts telling me to "go for it".

Tons have happened since my last post. I contacted the Realtor regarding the warehouse space (yeap, the ugly one from last week's post in case you just tuned in). The contractor said he needed drawings before he could give us a quote for the whole build-out. (scary stuff people!)

Apparently, the owner of the building lives in Venezuela so who knows how long it will take him to get me the drawings. Not one to have any sort of patience I quickly began scouring craigslist and loopnet again for any location that had a kitchen already in place. And guess what?

GUESS I SAID!! Just kidding..sorry about that..

I FOUND it!! I called the owner on Tuesday and one day later I met up with him at the warehouse space which is approx. 40 minutes from my house. A small price to pay for having everything ready to go..ovens..check..huge walk-in fridge..check..not having to install a grease trap and go through months of red tape and permits? Priceless.

So, boys & girls, I'm off tomorrow morning to pick up my best bud or "BFF" (Bootylicious Femme Fatale) as I like to call her (long story) from the airport and then sign the lease. We'll start on the 19th guns..er..pastry bags blazing! I didn't have a chance to take any pics but I will definitely take some as soon as we get settled in. Woohoo!

In other news: We're looking for a super cool, cookie and cake loving, talented baker who lives in Miami. It won't be much to start - only about 24 hours per week but there is plenty of room for growth. Anyone interested? Holla! I mean, E-mail me for more info. :)

Lastly - Here are photos of some cookies from this week.
Rock themed cookies for a corporate client that wanted some delicious gifts for their new employees.
3.5" Baby Chick cookies for a baby shower. The picture was taken with our old camera (that's why it looks yucky).

4th of July Photo cookies...Happy Birthday America!!

I should have some great pics to show you next week. The surprise is almost here! I have a few clues..it is HUGE..WHITE (mostly) and loves to EAT. Hehehehe...if you guess correctly I'm sending you a dozen cookies of your choice..no lie!! I'm so excited!! Crossing my fingers that everything goes as planned. :D

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