Realtor Update...

Finally! After days of playing my least favorite game in the world...phone tag...I got the Realtor on the phone Friday afternoon. And the results are..(drum roll please)...I won't know diddly until next week. :/

He says he is already in negotiations with another bakery (sniff sniff) but nothing is certain yet. He said he would call me next week. :( It doesn't look good, friends. M and I have already started looking around for other properties available for lease but I have found that anything that has food permits gets snatched up pretty quickly. So I'm literally looking 2x a day for anything new. It seems like we will know for sure next week regarding this property. Sigh. If it is meant to be it will be! I'm trying to stay positive :)

I did promise a few new cookie pics last week so here they are!! The first is a custom sample order for some very happy hot dogs!! The little boy who is getting these for his birthday in June is actually one of my very best & favorite customers!
Here he is 2 years ago holding his Mario cookies! Isn't he just adorable!?!
 Last year his cool mom ordered him some custom Iphone cookies (they were iced front AND back to look like the real thing!!) She was also sweet enough to send me these pics (thank you again Patricia!!) :)

I look forward to these orders every year. I can't even imagine what he might ask us to bake next year & I can't wait! It feels so good to be able to bring even a small happiness to someone else on their birthday or any day. :)


Feels like forever...

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry I have been MIA lately. Still working like a crazy baker (are there normal ones..really?) but there is something that has kept myself and M (aka baker-hubby) even busier than usual. Lately I've had an itch to expand...at first we thought we would just renovate a warehouse space, convert it and start small. Well...I have a vision of light pink walls and white furniture and adorable signage..a warehouse space just seems..um..bleh. Sooo...we started thinking of going all-out and leasing a real store front. Finally..a real home for Ali's Sweet Treats!! Woohoo!!

I have to be honest..I'm so scared! We have orders coming in everyday but there is still that feeling of..oh wow..and your heart starts to beat fast just thinking of the MONEY. because let me tell you..from my research..it is crazy expensive to open your own bakery..seriously. After tons of searching the past couple of weeks I think I found the perfect space..and it has permits..and 3 sinks..and a HOOD...and GREASE TRAP!! Even 2 bathrooms and 2,000 square feet of wood floors (swoon). The location is not bad..not GREAT..but not bad. Initially we were looking at Coral Gables BUT after looking at some of the locations and lease terms..and..again..MONEY..we began to think of Kendall (my hometown) as a fabu place to begin.

So here I am..in between a place I dream to be..and a place I feel our little company has overgrown. The property manager and I have been playing phone tag the last 2 days so tomorrow I will speak to him and find out whats going on..

Worst case? He laughs when I tell him I make cookies..Me: no not that kind of cookies..nope..not those either...uhh well they are decorated and some have photos on them..yep..edible...never heard of that? oh. Best case? He's amazed when I mention baked treats. Me: awesome..yea..those..uhu..yup..ofcourse you can order! They taste like heaven...1,000?? ofcourse..next week?? definitely!..

That's the crazy stuff I think about sometimes. It's weird to have so much doubt one minute and then be absolutely confident the next. And actually I have been thinking about writing on the blog for a while now. Just to get my mind off of the fact that we're putting everything (and I mean everything!) on the line to get this little cookie company a real home. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow the realtor will have good  fantastic news.

On a bright note..I will be posting a bunch-o new cookie pics. I hope I don't bore you guys with those. :/

I promise once I get my new Droid I will be posting way cooler pics..like of M when he's "in the zone" rolling out the dough or of Ali when she's putting a bad face cuz "no you can't have that guitar/spiderman/ducky/dress cookie". And seriously..I NEED a new phone (this is for M in case you're reading this). :)

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