Updated Website..Finally!!

M and I have finally finished updating the pages on our website. Ok..most of it..96% to be exact. We still have a few things to tweek..mostly just adding a few new pics to the categories and adding something to the poor "nautical" section which is just completely empty (how sad!) Thankfully, I reminded M of the sailboat, crab, lobster, mermaid, dolphin, starfish...etc etc cookies we have done in the past so they will be added this weekend. :)

I'm still working on V-day designs..I know it's like wayyy past late but this week just blew me away. Unfortunately, all of the really cute designs we're working on won't be online until after V-day (sniff) but there's always next year (and I think they'll make cute wedding or anniversary favors, too).

Yours truly, A & M

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