Recent Cookie Orders

Here is one Valentine's Day order we actually had time to take a picture of. It's a heart-shaped photo logo cookie. We received several of these types of orders..it's so nice to know there are companies out there who care enough to show their employees and clients some personalized cookie-love. :)

The other design was made for a baby shower (ofcourse!) for a soon-to-be mommy of twin boys. She definitely deserves those cookies AND a bag of chips! We wish you & your new little bundles of joy the best!

I have a few more designs for this week... one is a secret (surprise b-day cookies) and the other ones are a little gift for a wedding I will be attending on Saturday (Congrats Hugo & Julieta!!)...still not sure what I want to make for them...feel free to give me some ideas..my brain is almost completely fried this week :) 


The Baking Sheet said...

Oh Wow! I love this! Gorgeous cookie!!!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much!

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