Breaking my own record..(and back)

I knew today would be interesting. 1,000 cookies to wrap by this afternoon for my lovely UPS man? Piece o' cake I though to myself last night. Afterall, I already had the ribbon cut and all of the other orders scheduled to commence Tuesday. Well, the morning started off pretty good. Took Ali to school, came to work and realized I was hungry. K, ate some cheese...checked some E-mails..answered a few calls..checked & answered E-mails again...sent some invoices...Holy Crap 11:20am!! You HAVE to be kidding me. The morning was almost gone! I nervously chewed on my lip...(actually, I nervously screamed at M - my business partner/fiance to come help meeee!) My fingers went into "wrapping mode" and I (still can't believe it) finished wrapping more than 900 cookies by 4 o' clock...UPS came..cookies gone....fingers swollen and limp...but I can breathe again...now to finish checking some E-mails...check my farmville & Cafe World (don't pretend you don't have one!)...send invoices..pick up Ali from school...take her to soccer..cook dinner....just another cookie day..


Lis said...

Would love to have seen all of these in action. Just found your blog today, and I'm addicted already.. You have some awesome talent!

Andrea B said...

Thanks so much!!

Angel said...

You rock !! Cookie powaaa

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