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Recent Cookie Orders

Here is one Valentine's Day order we actually had time to take a picture of. It's a heart-shaped photo logo cookie. We received several of these types of orders..it's so nice to know there are companies out there who care enough to show their employees and clients some personalized cookie-love. :)

The other design was made for a baby shower (ofcourse!) for a soon-to-be mommy of twin boys. She definitely deserves those cookies AND a bag of chips! We wish you & your new little bundles of joy the best!

I have a few more designs for this week... one is a secret (surprise b-day cookies) and the other ones are a little gift for a wedding I will be attending on Saturday (Congrats Hugo & Julieta!!)...still not sure what I want to make for them...feel free to give me some ideas..my brain is almost completely fried this week :) 


Updated Website..Finally!!

M and I have finally finished updating the pages on our website. Ok..most of it..96% to be exact. We still have a few things to tweek..mostly just adding a few new pics to the categories and adding something to the poor "nautical" section which is just completely empty (how sad!) Thankfully, I reminded M of the sailboat, crab, lobster, mermaid, dolphin, starfish...etc etc cookies we have done in the past so they will be added this weekend. :)

I'm still working on V-day designs..I know it's like wayyy past late but this week just blew me away. Unfortunately, all of the really cute designs we're working on won't be online until after V-day (sniff) but there's always next year (and I think they'll make cute wedding or anniversary favors, too).

Yours truly, A & M


Breaking my own record..(and back)

I knew today would be interesting. 1,000 cookies to wrap by this afternoon for my lovely UPS man? Piece o' cake I though to myself last night. Afterall, I already had the ribbon cut and all of the other orders scheduled to commence Tuesday. Well, the morning started off pretty good. Took Ali to school, came to work and realized I was hungry. K, ate some cheese...checked some E-mails..answered a few calls..checked & answered E-mails again...sent some invoices...Holy Crap 11:20am!! You HAVE to be kidding me. The morning was almost gone! I nervously chewed on my lip...(actually, I nervously screamed at M - my business partner/fiance to come help meeee!) My fingers went into "wrapping mode" and I (still can't believe it) finished wrapping more than 900 cookies by 4 o' clock...UPS came..cookies gone....fingers swollen and limp...but I can breathe again...now to finish checking some E-mails...check my farmville & Cafe World (don't pretend you don't have one!)...send invoices..pick up Ali from school...take her to soccer..cook dinner....just another cookie day..


Strange Requests 2010

Although 2010 has just begun...I have already received some pretty weird requests for cookies. The peanut cookie meant for a baby shower was a lot of fun. We made some extras and my fiance swears it tasted like peanut butter. Nope, same recipe! I also had the pleasure of receiving a very nice E-mail from the client. Thank you, Geraldine!

The kidney was a very simple design and yet a very difficult one. The client mentioned she was a doctor (gulp!)...so you can bet I wanted it to look as real as possible. It was a gift for her friend who gave one of his kidneys to his sister. I think this sweet gift was more than appropriate. :)


Valentine's Day Recipe - Churros!

My fiance is a huge fan of churros! Here is a recipe I found from womansday.com that I am planning to make for him next week.
Orange-Kissed Churros with "Hot" Chocolate Sauce Recipe - Get more Valentine Recipes at WomansDay.com

I'll post pics when they are finished. Let's hope they look half as cute as the ones on the pic!



We've been recommended by www.photogiftguide.com which is a very cool site that features all sorts of photo gifts. I love their low cost photo gift section (in this economy low cost is essential, I think!) which features a personalized chef hat! http://www.photogiftguide.com/products/photo-chefshat.htm. They also have an apron and even photo gift wrap! Now I think I have seen everything!!


The last 3 months of 2009 were quite busy (even crazier than I imagined!). Here are some of my favorite cookie orders from last year.

I'm working on new Valentine's Day designs which will be up on the website very soon. The sun refused to come out today so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day to take the pics. My assistant is still very hard at work on making the updates to the website and it has taken much longer than expected but it should be ready by the end of February. I hope everyone had a great New Year and I will try my best to keep up posts on a weekly basis!

Churros on Foodista