New York Jets Cookies & Meeple Cookies

I just had to share these cute football cookies we made this week. I'm looking forward to making some more with the Miami Dolphins logo :) Do you guys like the image background or do you think the cookies look better with just a white background? I'm curious...

A client E-mailed to ask if I could make her Meeple Cookie Favors for a 40th Birthday Party. Naturally, I had no clue what Meeples were. After a little Googling, I found that Meeples are little game pieces for a game called Carcassonne. Call me crazy but I actually want to play that game one day! A custom cutter was made for the order (which came out pretty darn huge!). The cookies were made in various colors and I think they look adorable lined up like little soldiers. The client called me the day her order arrived and was very happy with her 5.5" Meeple Cookies (Woohoo!) I love those calls! Thank you Anna Maria!!

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